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Dispensational Theological Seminary

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Sunday School   9:45AM

Dale Spurbeck - Battle for the Mind

Morning Service  11:00AM

Pastor David Spurbeck - "Out of Business" Series

Afternoon Service  1:40PM

Assistant Pastor - Chris Camilli - Things Above

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Ladies' Bible Class  10:30AM

Available live on the internet.



Evening School of the Bible  7:00

7pm Priesthood of the Believer - taught by David Spurbeck

8pm Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation) - taught by Dale Spurbeck

Class notes for both classes found in Listen to Sermons tab above under the class title.

All classes available live on the internet










Our Series


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Title Category Speakers
The Pauline Mysteries - Chris Camilli - 15 Sermons Sunday Afternoon Service
The Riches of Divine Grace - Chris Camilli - 2020 - 47 sessions Sunday Afternoon Service
The World System - Chris Camilli - 80 sermons Sunday Afternoon Service
Together in Christ - David Spurbeck - 22 sermons - 2016 Sunday Morning Service
Trinitarianism - Evening School - Dale Spurbeck - 2016 - 12 sessions with class notes Evening School of the Bible
Turn to 3:16, Please - The 3:16s of the New Testament - Chris Camilli - 23 sermons - 2012 Sunday Afternoon Service
Types of Christians - Evening School at Woodburn - David Spurbeck - 2018 - 9 sessions with class notes Evening School at Woodburn, Oregon
Woodburn Evening School - Christology - David Spurbeck - 48 sessions with class notes Evening School at Woodburn, Oregon
Woodburn Evening School - Theology Proper - Don Hewitt - 2012 - 40 sessions Evening School at Woodburn, Oregon
01 - An Introduction to the Post Resurrection Appearances of Jesus Christ - David Spurbeck Series
02a - Things Above - Chris Camilli - Current Sunday Afternoon Service - 2022 Series
011 - "Out Of Business" Series - David Spurbeck - Current Sunday Morning Sermons - 2023 Sunday Morning Service
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