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March 26, 2011

Dear Fellow Christian,


This 2011 Theological Forum that will be meeting May 4-6, 2011 at Valley Baptist Church in Cherry Grove, Oregon.  The Forum is a ministry of Dispensational Theological Seminary and Valley Baptist Church of Gaston, Oregon.

God continues to permit us to have the annual Theological Forum.  The purpose of the Forum is that saints with an appetite for God and His Word might be edified through the presentation of papers and a seminar segment that is designed to enhance further theological education. Throughout the years the Forum has provided a superb source of valuable biblical and theological study and fellowship.  Many of the papers are excellent resources for further study of God's Word.  It continues to be our desire that the Forum bring glory to the Godhead as we focus our attention on our Lord Jesus Christ.  This event provides an opportunity for growing believers to be edified. The Forum is designed to provide substantial teaching of the Word of God that will assist pastors and people in relation to their ongoing growth in the Word of God.  The sessions will provide excellent resources for Bible study, preaching and teaching.  Often Forum presentations answer longstanding questions related to the Word of God and theological subjects.  They will provide extensive information that will be of value to any believer with an appetite for understanding God’s Word.  Sessions are open to pastors and other interested and growing Christians.

The morning sessions begin at 9:30 a.m. and run through 1:00 p.m.  The afternoon sessions begin at 2:00 p.m. and end at 5:30 p.m.  There will be no evening sessions.  The evenings will be open for fellowship times.  The home of Professor David Spurbeck will be open for informal fellowship and sharing each evening.  Evening meals will be provided in Forest Grove.  We trust that many will take advantage of this opportunity.  These are valuable opportunities for fellowship and for sharing questions about the Word of God.

Printed papers are written and an oral presentation of the paper is given.  We do make an effort to spend time answering questions that arise from each presentation.  In 2006 we added another feature to the Forum.  Over the years several have suggested that some advanced study material be presented.  This year I will be presenting a seminar on the divine guidelines for the grace believer's use of the Old Testament.

The goal of the Forum is to examine the Word of God and to encourage saints to submit to the authority of the Scriptures and especially grace revelation (c. Jn. 13-Rev. 3) which will bring glory to our great God.

We trust that the Forum will encourage pastors and other believers to be involved in deeper study of the Scriptures than is necessary for the normal preaching and teaching ministry.  The Forum also provides an opportunity for the discussion of problems and questions that arise from the ministry of the Word of God.  The open evenings provide opportunities for sharing questions one on one in an informal fellowship setting.

The Forum provides an excellent opportunity for discussion of theological and linguistic questions with seminary professors, pastors and other believers.  Plan to bring questions and any notes you would like to share.

A continental breakfast will be provided in the mornings before the meetings at the church.  This will give opportunity for further fellowship and to share a little protein for the day.  This will be available for all three days so plan to be early Wednesday morning as well as the other two mornings.  Valley Baptist Church of Gaston also plans to provide lunches each day.  Because of the rural setting and limited facilities at Valley we will not be serving evening meals at the church building.  As has been mentioned an evening meal will be provided in Forest Grove.  Forest Grove and Hillsboro have restaurants and motel accommodations.   Cherry Grove is twelve miles from Forest Grove.

Valley Baptist Church is in the small unincorporated town of Cherry Grove which is located West of Gaston.  The street address is 55330 Lovegren Drive.  Highway 47 is the highway that runs from Forest Grove and through Gaston.  Coming from the north from Forest Grove and the junction of Highway 8 and Highway 47 follow highway 47 south about five miles.  There is a sign announcing a turn to Cherry Grove and Patton Valley Road before the actual sign at the turn.  Turn right and go to straight ahead to the T (.4 miles) and turn left on Patton Valley Road. Proceed on the road 5.3 miles into Cherry Grove.  In the community Patton Valley Road veers left at the bottom of a small hill around the corner take the first paved street which is Lovegren Drive.  The church building is up the hill about a block.  Coming from the south on Highway 47 go through Gaston. On the north end of Gaston there is a Cherry Grove and Patton Valley Road sign on the left just before you leave town.  Take the left and follow the road right across a bridge about .01 miles is Bates Road turn left on Bates.  In about a half a mile Bates Road runs into Patton Valley Road.  From that junction it is about five miles to Cherry Grove and the church.  The church has no phone so these directions are essential.  The Valley Baptist Church building is the only church building in Cherry Grove.

We have six papers this year on important Biblical topics plus the seminar material on the divine guidelines for the use of the Old Testament by the grace believer.  An offering will be taken to cover Forum expenses and papers.  These sessions provide materials that often take the year between Forums to digest.  The Word of God is central to the Forum and our appreciation for the God of the Word is heightened every year because of the Forum.  The teaching sessions and papers will be available on cd.  The Lord has used the sweet fellowship of the Forum to enhance our anticipation of being together in that great gathering in the northern sky.  Perhaps today!

We trust that you and any other saints you know with an appetite for biblical study will make every effort to attend and enjoy the blessings of these sessions.

If you need further information, you can call me at 503-357-5795.


God is with you!


Resting in the Beloved,

Pastor David K. Spurbeck

Pastor of Valley Baptist Church of Gaston

Professor of Dispensational Theological Seminary

Philippians 3:10



e[kastoj evn Cristw/|

“Each one mature in Christ”

Colossians 1:28


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4 The Provisions of Grace Are Better Than Old Covenant Law Hebrews 9:14-16 2011-05-06 2011 forum davidspurbeck4on hebrews.pdf 2248
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