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Books by David K. Spurbeck. Sr.


The following is a synopsis of the book, The Christian "In Christ by David K. Spurbeck, Sr.  The book was written for the person who has believed 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 which is the gospel for salvation. The subject of this book is a systematic study from Scripture of a believer's Position and Possessions because he is "in Christ." These truths are practical - divinely practical for the true Christian. They are the basis for all spiritual growth. 408 pages.


The following is a synopsis of the book,  Me! A Priest? by David K. Spurbeck, Sr.  It is a book on the Priesthood of the Grace Believer. Every Christian is a priest. No other group of people in history has had the privileges that true Christians do.  Aaron, as Israel's high priest, couldn't imagine that anyone could have such superior privileges with God as priests in a kingly, heavenly priesthood. On the day of Pentecost, the Spirit of God began immersing grace believers into the Body of Christ, the Church which is His Body. That Body is a kingdom of priests. As a result, there are unique provisions for the grace believer. This book provides the teaching from Scripture on those unique provisions. The Church doesn't have a Priesthood. It is a Priesthood. 682 pages.


The Christian “In Christ”at $19.95 each plus $4.95 postage = Total $24.90.


Me! A Priest? at $24.95 each plus $4.95 postage = Total $29.90.


These books may be purchased from the author using the information below or they may be purchased from various booksellers on the internet.



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Title Scripture Speaker Date Additional file Hits
Thanksgiving Sermon - David Spurbeck 20141123 Ephesians 5:20 2014-11-23 thanksgiving_message_-_november_232014.pdf 1725
Passives 157 Being Supplied An Entrance Into The Eternal Kingdom - David Spurbeck 20160110 last message in series 2 Peter 1:11 2016-01-10 pass157davidspurbeck20150110lastsermoninseries.pdf 1488
Passives 156 We Have Been Made Christ's Inheritance - David Spurbeck 20151127 Ephesians 1:11 2015-12-27 pass156davidspurbeck20151227.pdf 1581
Passives 155b - Will Be Found in Future Tense Salvation - David Spurbeck 20151213 2 Corinthians 5:3
1 Peter 1:7
2 Peter 3:14
2015-12-13 pass155bdavidspurbeck20151213.pdf 1552
Passives 155a - David Spurbeck 20151129 - 2 Tim 2:7 2 Timothy 2:7 2015-11-29 pass155davidspurbeck20151129.pdf 1539
Passives 154 Be Kept Blameless in Christ's Coming - David Spurbeck 20151122 1 Thessalonians 5:23 2015-11-22 pass154davidspurbeck20151122.pdf 1586
Passives 153 We Will Be Made To Appear With Him In Glory - David Spurbeck 20151115 Colossians 3:4 2015-11-15 pass153davidspurbeck20151115.pdf 1540
Passives 152 Faith Being Grown Strengthening The Messenger - David Spurbeck 20151101 2 Corinthians 10:15 2015-11-01 pass152davidspurbeck20151101.pdf 1522
Passives 151 Being Blessed By Faith And Being Guarded Through Faith - David Spurbeck 20151025 Galatians 3:9
1 Peter 1:5
2015-10-25 pass151davidspurbeck20151025.pdf 1471
Passives 150 Comfort That Is Provided By Faith Of Others David Spurbeck 20151018 Romans 1:12
1 Thessalonians 3:7
2015-10-18 pass150davidspurbeck20151018.pdf 1531
Passives 101 - Graciously Given to Believe and Suffer Philippians 1:29 2014-05-25 pass10120140525.odt 1886
Passives 098B -Three Resurrection Messages in Matthew- David Spurbeck 20140420 Matthew 28:1-15 2014-04-20 3resurrectionmessagesinmatt20140420.mp3 1795
Passives -149 - Gaius An Active Agent of Joy in the Life of the Apostle Paul - David Spurbeck 20151011 3 John 4 2015-10-11 pass149davidspurbeck20151011.odt 1475
Passives -148 - Joy Produced in Believers Walking in Truth - David Spurbeck 20151004 2 John 4 2015-10-04 pass148davidspurbeck20151004.odt 1531
Passives -147 - Joy Produced in the Revelation of the Glory of God - David Spurbeck 20150927 1 Peter 4:13 2015-09-27 pass147davidspurbeck20150927.odt 1657
Passives -146 - Joy Produced in the Lord Because of His People - David Spurbeck 20150920 Philippians 4:10 2015-09-20 pass146davidspurbeck20150920.odt 1673
Passives -144 - Rejoicing in the Active and the Passive - David Spurbeck 20150906 Philippians 1:18 2015-09-08 pass144davidspurbeck20150906.mp3 1574
Passives -141 - Divine Assistance for Joy Promised in the Upper Room - David Spurbeck 20150719 John 14:28
John 16:20-22
2015-07-19 pass141davidspurbeck20150719.odt 1611
Passives -140b - Is It Wrong To Call Heaven Glory? - David Spurbeck 20150705 2015-07-05 pass141adavidspurbeck20150705.odt 1545
Passives -139 - Muliplicaion of Mercy, Peace and Love - David Spurbeck 20150607 Jude 2 2015-06-07 pass139davidspurbecck20150607.odt 1552
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