Valley Baptist Church

Dispensational Theological Seminary

55330 Lovegren Dr., Cherry Grove, OR, 503-357-5795




Sunday School   9:45AM

Dale Spurbeck - Battle for the Mind

Morning Service  11:00AM

Pastor David Spurbeck - Resurrection Appearances

Afternoon Service  1:40PM

Assistant Pastor - Chris Camilli - Word Studies

All services available live on the internet





Evening School 7:00PM

Meeting in Woodburn







Ladies' Bible Class  10:30AM

Available live on the internet.


Evening School of the Bible  7:00PM

7pm - The Book of Daniel - David Spurbeck

8pm - Eschatology - Dale Spurbeck


All classes available live on the internet




Roy McPherson is Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Gridley, California.  He is a graduate of Dispensational Theological Seminary.  Phone number 530-990-4092.  He is married to Ruth.

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