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Dispensational Theological Seminary

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Sunday School   9:45AM

Dale Spurbeck - Christian Thought Life

Morning Service  11:00AM

Pastor David Spurbeck - The Book of Hebrews

Afternoon Service  1:30PM

Assistant Pastor Chris Camilli - The Riches of Divine Grace

All services available live on the internet





Evening School 7:00PM

Meeting in Woodburn

Shun not -TION Words  Taught by Pastor David Spurbeck 7pm
Law and Grace  Taught by Pastor David Spurbeck 8pm






Ladies' Bible Class  10:30AM

Available live on the internet


Evening School of the Bible  7:00PM

Priesthood of the Believer - taught by Pastor David Spurbeck 7pm

Bible Interpretation - Hermeneutics - taught by Dale Spurbeck 8pm

All classes available live on the internet




Prayer Meeting  7:00 PM

Meeting in Forest Grove.




Forum Papers from past years are available here to read or copy.

Look also under "Forum 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014" for more papers to read and copy.

Title Scripture Speaker Date Additional file Hits
The Spiritual Believer and the Observable Indicatiors of Spirituality - 95 pages - Dale Spurbeck 2014 Ephesians 5:18 2018-07-28 thespiritualbelieverandtheobservableindicatorsofspiritualitydale-spurbeck2014.pdf 804
The Process of Maturity in the Christian Life - 15 pages - Dale Spurbeck 1994-04-20 1994_the_process_of_maturation_in_the_christian_life.pdf 1622
The Personal Presence of The Word of Jehovah - David Spurbeck - 72 pages - Forum 2018 2018-04-20 davidspurbeck2018-forum-paper.pdf 78
The New Testament and Freedom: Revelation Concerning the Christian and Liberty - 38 pages 2003-04-23 2003-the_new_testament_and_freedom.pdf 1594
The Heart Of Man As Revealed In Scripture - 69 pages 2019-04-26 forum2019heartfinalcopya-1.pdf 278
The Good and the Better: The Best a Man Could Be Under Law and the Best a Man Can Be Under Grace - 32 pages 2001-08-04 forum2001_the_good_and_the_better2.pdf 1640
The Forms of the Hebrew word "Olam" and the Idea of Ages - 77 pages 2019-04-26 2019-forum-paper-on-olam-and-ages.pdf 296
The Filling Ministry of the Holy Spirit: The Concept of Filling and Fullness - 47 pages 1999-04-21 99filld.pdf 1600
THE DECREE: God's Plan for the Ages and How It Affects the Christian Llfe - Part 2 -Dale Spurbeck 2008-04-16 648
THE DECREE: God's Plan for the Ages and How It Affects the Christian Llfe - Part 1 - AUDIO plus paper - 63 pages - Dale Spurbeck 2008-04-16 2008-_the_decree_final_copy.pdf 1724
THE CONCEPTS OF LIFE IN THE NEW TESTAMENT: General Terms plus Physical, Eternal and Resurrection Life - 32 pages 1996-04-24 96life.pdf 1636
The Christian's Frame of Mind - Dale Spurbeck - Forum 2018 2020-01-15 dalespurbeckthe-believer-s-framework-of-mindforum2018.pdf 98
The Christian And Self-Esteem: Being A Consideration Of The Modern Self-Esteem Movement In The Light Of The Apostle Paul's Evaluation Of Himself - 21 pages 1990-04-26 1990forumself-esteem.pdf 1855
The Centrality of the Doctrine of the Resurrection - 34 pages 2000-04-26 the_centrality_of_the_doctrine_of_the_resurrection.pdf 1435
The Causal Use of the Greek Prepositon "eis" in the Greek New Testament - 51 pages 1997-04-23 97eisa.pdf 1599
The Birth, Growth and Development of the Christian from the New Birth to Maturity - 15 pages 1992-04-24 1992_the_birth.pdf 1895
The "Sermon on the Mount"; A Study in Hermeneutical Principles - 56 pages 2012-04-18 the_sermon_on_the_mount.pdf 1871
The Building of God - 27 pages 2019-04-24 the-building-of-god0001.pdf 238
Standards of Measurement Expressed by the Greek Preposition "KATA" - 59 pages - Dale Spurbeck - 2017 2017-04-19 themeasurementofachristiandalespurbeckforum2017.pdf 888
Spirituality and Maturity: Are They The Same? - 19 pages 1993-04-21 1993_spirituality_and_maturity.pdf 1908
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